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Submission Guidelines

 Submissions are currently closed. 

Courtney Glover, Editor at

Each book in this series specifically features female poets, each one allotted room for up to five poems and a short bio. The poems may be used as the copyright owner sees fit despite appearing in the book. We ask only for the USE of the works herein and the copyright for the collection we create, not the individual piece. That remains the sole property of the creator.

As much as we would like to, we do not offer payment or free physical copies for work used. We do, however, offer the electronic version of the volume as a free download which anyone may utilize as often as they choose. If the contributor has a book or website that they would like added to the book, please include it in your bio section when submitting. We kindly ask that poets keep their bios short due to limited space.

By submitting your work for consideration, you attest that the work is of your own creation and that you are the express owner of the rights to your submitted work. By submitting your works, you agree to the publishing and printing of your work by Open Skies Poetry in The Sacred Feminine anthology. 

For ease of distribution, we will use print on demand for the physical book so as to eliminate the possibility of massive piles of inventory and for ease of shipping. Each volume, once published, will be available for purchase through Amazon. 


We here at The Sacred Feminine, a part of Open Skies Poetry, reserve the right to edit accepted pieces for clarification, etc. We may correct any misspellings or other errors, including breaking up any run-on sentences. We also run all pieces through editing apps for editing purposes such as grammar and detecting plagiarism, etc. Everyone whose work is accepted will be sent a pdf of their pieces for approval before the book goes live. All authors must approve the pdfs sent to them within a two-week time frame. Your poetic works are important to you, as well as with us, and we hope to work together to bring your work to life. 

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